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The p.volve method is more accessible and more holistic than most alternatives. The resistance based, high intensity yet low-impact movement combination makes it possible to sculpt and energize the entire body.
The workouts and sessions are designed to let even participants with certain kinds of disabilities, recovering from surgeries or giving birth to find their mind and body balance. They can become fit, stay fit, control their weight and more.

It all sounds almost unbelievable what p.volve can help achieve. But there are more and more people out there discovering the method and its benefits for themselves.

P.volve worked with us to document the journey of transformation of four women from across the United States. The “p.volve challenge” was an eight-week program that gave the participants the opportunity to work with personal trainers, nutritionists and also the entire suite of p.volve offerings to achieve their goals of transformation. All while not leaving their home in the midst of the largest pandemic of our lifetime.

Under the guidance of Mumbai based director Surya Balakrishnan, the participants were able to record hours of video-diary footage for the documentaries. A small team based out of Los Angeles then visited the participants to interview them about their experience. The project was coordinated from our London office, obviously in extremely close collaboration with the New York based client.

The resulting films and footage revealed how effective the p.volve method is and also showed what a blessing it can be to women who could otherwise risk injury trying to use other fitness methods.

The documentary series is ongoing. We hope that the stories of Andrea, Anna, Megan and Misasha will help many other women find their balance and a healthy transformation.

Because of how we worked on the project, p.volve were able to use much more of the footage than what ended up in the actual films. And the landing environment for the films as well as the surrounding campaign turned out quite convincing and beautiful Click here to visit the live website.

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