SGR in Kenya

Manufacture of many materials at scale can have a negative impact on the environment and negatively contribute to climate change. On the other hand it can be instrumental in the creation of some of the most significant infrastructure projects on Earth. These can lead to human progress on a scale that could make life better for everyone in a region. Certain significant projects can reduce CO2 output and that will help fight climate change.


One of these mega projects is the East African Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in Kenya. It is part of the life changing global One Belt One Road initiative. And it is also the most significant infrastructure project East Africa’s has seen in generations. It is going to completely transform life on the continent for the better. It has already taken millions of trucks off the road between Nairobi and Mombasa. And the project is just getting started.


We wanted to document the progress of the development and to create an image library that will allow us to understand the impact of SGR in the larger historic context.


We worked with photographer Micheal McLaughlin and a small expert team to create a library of images, motion content and also relevant in person interviews.


Using the material and our findings we developed tens of story strands which looked at the impact the project is already beginning to show today. In the process we discovered that there are incredible harmonies already happening between the work of humans and nature. And we also found that some new manufacturing methods were used in Kenya that will have a positive long term impact on the entire building material industry’s carbon footprint.


We were able to turn what could have been a photo shoot into a discovery of opportunity for our client, Africa, humanity and the planet.


This project is ongoing and we have since expanded our efforts to other markets and are able to provide long term strategic support for our client.


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