Ingenuity for life

After developing and globally executing “Answers” the largest corporate campaign in Siemens’ 170 year history, we were brought in to do it again. We developed a new level of multi-local storytelling for advertising in order to bring the powerful message of “Ingenuity for life” into core markets and ultimately to almost all markets around the globe.

The campaign was designed to support Siemens’ strategy to create long term value through accelerated growth, sustainability, and also a more entrepreneurial spirit on a local level in the respective markets. Siemens’ purpose is to serve societies, create value for all stakeholders and to make real what matters. Siemens was founded from the idea that a company should not only focus on profits; it should serve society with technologies and products, with its employment practices and with everything that it does.

Today’s world is more complex than ever. Global megatrends are shaping our world. Digital transformation, globalisation, urbanisation, demographic change and climate change are true and pressing challenges. Siemens is a leading global technology company and stands for engineering excellence, innovation, high quality, reliability and international reliability.

But Siemens is not a monolithic organization. Instead it is one that is capable to finely adjust to the needs of local societies and their specific progress needs. Our stories and the visual universe from which they are born were created to finely respond to traditions and to local understanding in the individual markets.


This allowed us to create an incredibly multifaceted expression of the “Ingenuity for life” message. And while content and assets from the work were designed to also support an overarching global message, we ultimately were able to make the communication matter to stakeholders wherever on an incredibly local, almost personal level.


A campaign of this scale and this complexity could fill many case studies. And so the illustrations show the range of expressions from some key markets.

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