Tree Potential Project

The Tree Potential Project is an innovative, interactive campaign for Microsoft in collaboration with scientists from SilviaTerra, a leading company in forestry and biometrics. We made it possible to look at forests across the U.S. through the eyes of Microsoft AI. We then enabled users anywhere to plant the right trees, in the right forests, directly helping to fight climate change.


The campaign ran to highlight Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to scientists like SilviaTerra and other companies working to combat climate change. It was the most successful campaign for Microsoft of this kind to date.

We have launched the Tree Potential Project for Earth Day 2019, with a supporting campaign across social media and Microsoft-owned channels. The project made AI-interpreted data available to a wider audience for the first time and allowed them to directly take action.

We used game graphics technology to visualise forest data and let users see forests like they have never seen them before. Rather than presenting maps, we created interactive 3D graphics that organised ecosystems by species, allowing users to understand where their action was needed most.

Thanks to the Tree Potential Project campaign and the newly developed, custom data visualisation, we received donations in a matter of days that will allow The Nature Conservancy to plant hundreds of thousands of trees where they are needed most.


And the project continues: users who are interested in learning more about their local forests have access to a level of information not previously available to anyone anywhere. They can now understand the percentages of species in these complex ecosystems. And with in-depth stories, they are also able to understand how any adjustments to the forests can have a direct and lasting impact on their own life. From securing the survival of species, reducing forest fires to ensuring a high water quality in metropolitan areas like New York.







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