Play Proud
Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth

Life can be incredibly hard, just because you’re a kid. But life as an LGBTQ+ kid can be even harder. Unlike life, soccer is a fair game. And so it can become a safe haven from the world at large. But coaches and players don’t always know how to welcome an LGBTQ+ kid the right way.


Working in collaboration with the global organisation streetfootballworld we created Play Proud, a programme and campaign designed to improve and save lives of young LGBTQ+ players. We created a series of films with FOX Sports and New York City Football Club’s (NYCFC) City in the Community foundation, bringing this issue to life in an empathetic and honest way.


Play Proud is a programme that is built on the foundations of social sciences and psychology. It is designed to help make all teams a welcoming safe space. Using a playbook, in person workshops and digital components, soccer/football coaches around the world are educated in how to welcome LGBTQ+ kids in a way that places them into a safe environment of an accepting and protective team.

The Play Proud logo incorporates a customized version of the ‘Gilbert’ font, named after Gilbert Baker, the creator of the iconic rainbow flag, which is also part of the design. As the flag keeps evolving, so will the logo. It is designed to be forever inclusive.


Play Proud is financed in part by top 100+ international soccer players donating 1% of their income to the program.

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