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Despite being a key event of every Winter Olympics, figure skating in the United States was seen – by many – more as a performance than a sport. We set out to change that. And we did it with a campaign that highlighted the unmatched resilience of the elegant athletes on ice.

“We all fall. It is how we GetUp that matters” became a new rallying cry for skaters and audiences alike. “GetUp” became the expression that allowed the athletes to expand their message to the world and become much more relevant for previously untapped audiences. And February 1st became the official National GetUp day in the United States.






The campaign is digital at its core, letting fans participate not just on the website but even on the jumbotron during live events. The GetUp site, was built to contain a lot of interesting custom content, aggregated social media activity related to the campaign and a curated selection of these messages made it back into the social channels, creating a living messaging ecosystem.

We also created three TV commercials that have been aired more than any spot for the winter sport in its 100 year history. 75% of those who were exposed to the GetUp campaign considered figure skating an athletic sport. And rightly so.

The campaign will keep growing and evolving with US Figure Skating far beyond the organization’s 100th anniversary in 2020.

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