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Together everywhere
Witold Riedel

by Witold Riedel
November 9, 2016

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Together everywhere

As Tea & Water we look to connect, unite, not divide. We will continue to look for projects that allow us to create bridges between cultures, that make it possible for our clients to be more sustainable and that help them to think for the longer term.

We know that a more diverse group of people is more resilient, more intelligent and more creative. It feels silly to have to even write that.

A more diverse group of any living organism has better chances of survival than a monoculture. And the biggest and strongest with the biggest teeth are not always the fittest. (Hello T-Rex.)

As an organization we see ourselves as a bridge between cultures and people. Our purpose is to be inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible. And so our point of view is clear: We look at the map of the world and we see a place that has been home to amazing cultures and ideas for thousands of years.

We see that we need to be different in order to create anything new. We should be grateful that there are shifts and movements in populations. And we should welcome new ideas and people, as that’s a very good way to create something new and worth creating.

We seek connections between people; we want to encourage collaboration, friendship and mutual understanding.

Many of the strangers out there are just friends we have not met yet.

We will do whatever we can to make it easier for those working with us to collaborate, regardless of what passport they hold, or not. And no matter what gender, age, ethnicity, religion or nationality they might be.

We want to unite, and we want to support collaboration, no matter where in the world we happen to be and no matter where in the world we work on our and our clients’ projects.

This is true for our friends in London as it is true for our friends in Beijing, and our friends in Tehran, Mumbai, São Paulo, Berlin and Boulder. And this will be true for the countless friends and partners we have yet to meet.

We know that some of the most magnificent ideas were born in most unlikely places, created by some of the most unlikely people, in unusual circumstances, often in very hostile environments.

We are looking toward a future where all those who want a better world have a real chance to co-create it. And we know that the best way to achieve positive change is to lead it and to live it. And that’s why we created

Tea & Water.

Already today we are working with major global organizations on the development of ideas that will create a more livable, a kinder, smarter, more sustainable world. We are working with client partners who care about the health and the resilience of the next generation.

And we are in dialogue with organizations and leaders who see a world that is culturally richer, brighter, more diverse and better connected.

So we know, for a fact, that big positive currents are here. And they are growing and they will shift everything we see.

We look at the map of the world today and we are encouraged that we are on the side of the unstoppable, connected generation.

Together we can be the change we want to see in this world.

(This entry was partially copied from a previous entry. As it is still very true.)

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Witold Riedel
Written by Witold Riedel
November 9, 2016
Filed under Thoughts