Tea & Water Ltd.

Why all of this matters

The world needs us now. That’s why we’re advancing creativity and collaboration to save it.

We are a global creative partnership for those who want a better world.

Working with us, organizations can tell their story, create something meaningful and take action.

We already support some of the world’s most influential brands. And we are a place for creative people who want to use their power for good.

Our experience comes from decades of working globally. We know how to be resilient, nimble, creative and inclusive.

Today we are a living network of thought leaders, trusted partners, teams and creative companies around the world.

We offer unique access to experts not interested in working in other models. This allows us to bring together excellent and often surprising teams for every project we tackle.

Since the founding of Tea & Water, we have helped to create more diverse and inclusive communities. We have helped businesses become better global citizens and governments build infrastructure that matters. We have inspired Olympians and have helped to take care of nature more effectively. Using AI and gaming technology we have helped to plant tens of thousands of trees.

And all of this is just the beginning.

Clients from around the globe like to work with us on projects that often do not fit a mold or description. Communication and advertising agencies like to work with us because we support them in ways tailored to their needs.

Much of what we do will benefit generations after us. But we equally care about the here and now and the change we can achieve together, today.

We are bridges between cultures, people and ideas. We are inspired by what has been here long before us, and we respect what we are taking care of for future generations.

We work only with people we like, on projects we love and for clients whose mission we can believe in.

Connect with us and we could change the world together.