Tea & Water Ltd.

Here to give a voice to those who want to change the world for the better

The world of today has many centers. Global businesses, communities and constituents are more interconnected than ever and in more ways than ever. We understand how to turn this reality into an advantage for those who partner with us.

More and more companies organisations and communities are beginning to understand this. They want sustainability, transparency and fair practices woven into the fabric of their strategy and communications. This will allow them to be stronger, more vital and far more competitive; now, and in the years ahead.

We are here to support those who value inclusiveness, transparency and sustainable development. We help brands to communicate more clearly, and corporations to find a more sustainable, and profitable way; across cultures. We help cities to become smarter, more competitive, more livable and thriving. We help organisations to become more relevant and let their ideas become more visible, clearer and more relevant. We do this through creativity, strategy, communication and the positive change they enable.

We work only with people we like on projects we love and for organisations whose mission we believe in. We are around the world and around the corner. Tea & Water is global at its core, and it is also expressly personal and human and connecting. We believe everyone should be able to work with people who share their passion, values, and respect their cultural context.


We started in Beijing, London and New York, but we have since reached many more corners of the world. By the end of 2016, our work has touched more than 190 countries. We can only achieve this by working with local teams and experts; those who know even the most subtle features of their own culture. We are communicators, scientists, journalists, enterpreneurs and all passionate about a better future for all.

We are here to create beautiful and effective work. We develop strategies and programs around topics like urbanisation, mobility, health, human rights, and global sustainable development. We can connect with the best, no matter what their background or location, because our partnership is independent and inclusive, allowing us to not compete but to collaborate.

We are not doing this only because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the necessary thing to do; for all those working with us, for our clients and for everyone who can benefit from our commitment.

Today is the time to create positive change with confidence and enthusiasm.