Tea & Water Ltd.

Why all of this matters

The world of today needs us. We provide a fresh view and an alternative that is the necessary next step in the evolution of communications and applied creativity.

We are a new kind of creative consultancy, working with organizations who wish to use their influence and actions to change the world for the better. We help them to do this for themselves, their brand and for every one of us.

Our experience comes from decades of working with some of the world’s largest network agencies, creating communications and storytelling for iconic global brands. We have taken the best of that experience, the resilience and the creativity and made it human and nimble.

We have done this by bringing together a nurtured network of trusted friends and partners to work in collaboration with our clients. They are the people who share our vision, the ones who we trust to develop the best ideas, because they truly care about the topics we touch. For many, these topics are the focus of their life’s journey.

We actively seek out those who are unique in their quest for excellence, their passion and their focus on what they do. And we engage with them and learn with them.

We offer a unique access to those experts and their ideas to our clients. This allows us to bring together the best possible, and often surprising team for every project. Because those who are passionate about the long-term, are often the ones who dare to offer truly life changing ideas.

We know the model works well. Since the founding of Tea & Water, we have created stronger and more resilient communities, helped global businesses improve their supply chains and governments build infrastructure that matters. We have inspired Olympians and driven diversity and inclusion in communities through sport. We have helped some of the largest international companies to become better global citizens. And we have helped those who dare to take care of nature to do so more effectively.

Clients like to work with us on special projects of any size that often do not fit a mold or a description.

Much of what we tackle is bigger than life and will benefit generations after us. But we equally care about the here and now and the immediate change that we can make together, today.

We are bridges between cultures, between humans and between ideas. We are inspired and driven by the wise origins of ancient people to whom we owe our existence. And we equally respect everything we are taking care of for future generations.

Wherever we go, we learn, we evolve, we listen and we share.

Connect with us and we will likely experience something amazing together.