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Uniting and nourishing people on the breadline
Eve Reed

by Eve Reed
May 18, 2017

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Uniting and nourishing people on the breadline

For many people, living on a food and drink budget of a couple of pounds, euros or dollars each day is a reality and an impossibly hard challenge.

As part of our food focus series, we bring you these portraits by Tea & Water Pictures photographer Jørn Tomter, who got a glimpse into what one inspiring charity, FoodCycle, is doing to help those on the breadline. This great UK project combines volunteers, surplus food and kitchen space at different regional hubs to create free meals for people at risk of food poverty and social isolation.

While quashing food waste and food poverty is at its core, the initiative is as much about connecting people, creating conversations and building communities.

“This is an amazing initiative,” says Jørn. “The people it feeds are usually poor, unemployed, lonely, and have mental problems. The weekly food day has changed their lives, offered them a healthier approach to eating, enabled them to make new friends, and it helps to develop communities.”.

To date, FoodCycle has cooked 208,000 meals, used 265 tonnes of reclaimed surplus food, and shares 950 meals and take home boxes of food each week. Pictured here are some of the locals benefiting from its Hackney hub in London.

21_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
9_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
19_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
20_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
18_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
17_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
15_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
4_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
10_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg16_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
8_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
13_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
3_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
6_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
1_jorn tomter_foodcycle_photographer_portrait.jpg
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Eve Reed
Written by Eve Reed
May 18, 2017
Filed under Food