Keith Ross
May 26, 18:00 (CEST)

Keith Ross

Tiny Concert, a venue for bite-sized animated music videos, was created by Keith Ross – creative director, illustrator and animator with a punk rock imagination.

His illustration style is as raw and visceral as the songs he pays tribute to. And his instrument of choice is a ballpoint pen for its sticky ink and sloppy lines. There’s a method to his mistakes. Every smudge, ink blot and slip of the line gives his subjects their joyfully, animated character.

Just as you don’t need to know more than a few chords to write a great song, Tiny Concert is proof that you don’t more than pen and paper to bring one to life.



Crowd animation sequence from Fugazi Tiny Concert.


Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead Tiny Concert. Drawn on tracing paper.


Mike McCready animation sequence from Pearl Jam Tiny Concert.


Collection of animation sheets from Ramones, Motörhead, Pearl Jam and Fugazi TinyConcerts.

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